Pharrell Williams - Happy (Seoul Version)

준영 showed this to me today, and I can’t stop watching it. I love videos that show the fun side of this city and its people. :) It really does make you Happy!

So hard to choose but favorite might be sparkly couple jacket duo near the beginning. This is amazing.



Al Jazeera has an interesting report about efforts to rehabilitate poor neighborhoods in Seoul and Busan by respecting the existing contours of the area, rather than forcing them into predictable, cookie-cutter layouts. Famed South Korean architect Seung Hyo-sang: “Construction companies dominated everything, so they erased most of the memories inscribed on our land. That is the main problem.”

This is a topic I’d love to read more about. Little by little, bit by bit, South Korean urban redevelopment projects are exhibiting a heightened appreciation for aesthetics and quality of life issues. Seoul is certainly no one’s idea of a beautiful city, but it has come a long way from what it used to look like 15 to 20 years ago.




Glorious Indiana Jones polling graphics from SBS…

I swear this is the last thing I’ll post about the election. I love how Moon Jae-in’s photo is totally giving Park Geun-hye the side eye the entire time.

I want to hug whomever approved this bit.

Indiana Jones and the Kimchi Peninsula.

God I love Korea.


This is too cute I can’t even handle it. Laughing out loud in my office.


I know I’ve seen this before and I might have even shared it before but this is still one of the coolest projects I’ve ever seen. And yeah, definitely inspirational to a travel-addicted person like me.


I am just figuring out my open class for next week, and have decided on a travel theme. And I must have this video at the start of the class.

Seriously. It gets me every time. It makes me remember just why I live the way I do. But having been to only 9 on the list? Not good! Need to go to more~ ^^

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