Dynamic Duo chat and performance at GW tonight. They were AWESOME live!


I’m about a month late to this party but oh my god I’m obsessed with this song right now. The whole CD, really. Such good study music.

(I’m using the kpop tag but is this really kpop? they’re not exactly indie either…oh well)


The new single from Kpop queen Lee Hyori.

I’m not 100 percent sold on the song yet (it’s good, if a little slow) but I love love love the video and lyrics.

Amazing 60s feel shot entirely in black and white. Plus two drag queens. Can’t really go wrong.

And the message is outstanding, especially in a country that still has a huge problem with gender disparity and women’s beauty standards. Here’s my favorite stanza, the ending:

"Are others eyes that important?
Does it feel like it’s your fault when something goes bad?
No, it’s not like that, come here, it’ll be okay
You’re Miss Korea”

Tomorrow.If I survive intense magazine staff meeting time, that is.


If I survive intense magazine staff meeting time, that is.


How am I spending my Valentine’s Day?

With TVXQ and Super Junior (KRY + Siwon).

Apparently they cut some of the lower-priced seats (not ours since we opted for legit seats thank god) last week to make the concert “more intimate.” Aka they wanted more people to buy the higher priced seats. But I’ll take a more intimate atmosphere any day.

Going with two of my best friends to listen to two of my favorite groups crooning ballads in a tiny auditorium? Can’t think of a better way to spend this holiday.


Was running on the treadmill when this came on amongst the kpop that my gym usually plays. Not sure where it came from, but it certainly pumped me up.


TVXQ Catch Me concert experience, aka the day I made eye contact with Shim Changmin

After the break - the story of the epic TVXQ concert we saw this weekend. 

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I’m probably biased since this was already my favorite of TVXQ’s songs, but 왜 has to have been my favorite song from the concert last night.

Stay tuned for my rundown of the concert experience.


Hearing Gangnam Style…


Three Months ago, I was all…

Now, I am all…

Submitted by M


Ticketing Insanity

Bottom line: I’ve got tickets to go see TVXQ in Seoul next month. It’s going to be amazing. 

But getting those tickets was absolutely crazy.

Ticketing for the official fan club was a few days ago, which means all the really good seats were snatched up by devoted super fans. Bu there were still plenty left in the farther sections, which is where we set our sights.

To ensure we could get tickets, we had four people ticketing. Four people, trying to get three seats. And we were still incredibly nervous that we would come out empty handed - that’s how quickly these things sell out.

Now, the first step to ticketing is to station yourself at a PC방 (literally PC Room, which is like an internet cafe where you pay by the hour to use their computers). With the popularity of online gaming, PC방 have the fastest internet in Korea, which is saying something since most internet in Korea is pretty speedy.

My friends, who have done this before, trained me on how to quickly press the enter key with your left hand the second ticketing opens and use your right hand to snap up seats on the pop-up seating chart that will open. We even did a few practice rounds with musicals that were already on sale.

Then, at exactly 8 p.m., the frenzy began. I actually got super lucky, snatching up three seats next to each other right away! I was amazed, I had done the impossible!

Then, I misread the Korean at the bottom and clicked on the cancel button instead of the accept button. And just like that, my perfect tickets were gone.

I tried to snatch up replacements, but I could only get one. So I reserved my one ticket and regrouped with the others in our chat to see how the others had fared.

Out of the four of us, I managed to lose my tickets and reserve only one. Two of my friends had gotten three tickets each but didn’t click a final confirm button after processing their payment so their tickets were gone.

Only one of our friends, the only one who was helping us out without actually planning to go to the concert, was able to grab and actually fully reserve three tickets.

At first I thought it was a bit overkill to have so many people trying so hard to get only three tickets, but it turned out to be absolutely necessary.

So my first experience ticketing in Korea turned out to be a success (not thanks to me though haha). At least now I’ll have a better idea of what to expect next time. And I’m going to see TVXQ!