Econ midterm tomorrow morning

There comes a point before every exam where you just can’t study anymore. If I don’t know it now, I’m not going to know it tomorrow morning.

The problem with Econ is that no matter how well you know the concepts, the wording of  a question could completely throw you off. I feel confident, so hopefully my prof doesn’t throw any curveballs tomorrow.

Daily Show + Colbert then bedtime.


Updated my info section

Thanks for the hint mrdphayes ㅋㅋㅋ

So now I’m ready to go for grad school! Orientation is tomorrow and Friday, I’m finally 95 percent moved in to my new apartment (I’ll have to upload some pictures of my new place at some point), and all my textbooks are ordered. 

I’m nervous. Really nervous. But also very very excited. I’ll be very busy, I know - besides crazy amounts of schoolwork I was also awarded a job helping out with a professor’s research that will be amazing but keep me pretty busy.

In other words, I will try to keep updating but it might not be too often. At the very least I’ll throw up some DC pics every once in a while!



I’m doing it again. That thing that I always do when something is coming to an end. That weird headspace I get into where I am simultaneously lethargic and antsy and no matter how many good things happen I’m still in a funk.

It happened at the end of college, when (for a variety of reasons) I got super depressed and lost an unhealthy amount of weight from not eating enough.

This time I’m still eating, but I can’t summon energy to do anything and I just keep telling myself “only three more weeks…only two more weeks…”

Which is NOT the way I want to spend my last time in Korea, a place that I have loved way more than I ever expected.

Suddenly getting sick this week has definitely not helped either. (Seriously, who gets a cold in July??) But I just can’t bring myself to do anything unless they’re plans that I’ve already made. I can’t snap out of it, and I know people around me are getting annoyed.

This headspace is partially a good thing, though, because I’ve left behind the part of me that was getting emotional about leaving. I will still be sad, of course, I will still miss Korea, of course, and I will still be looking for ways to come back. But this antsy feeling has taken over and I’m getting more and more excited to get moving, to get going to DC and start school and move into an apartment where I can stay for more than a year. I started packing a little this week, and it was less depressing than I expected.

This weekend will be good if I can get over my cold long enough to enjoy it. Next week is my last week teaching. Reaching the end.



I logged onto Facebook after a weekend in Seoul for the farewell event for my program.

I’ve found several “Goodbye for now, Fulbright friends! Thanks for an amazing time in Korea!” statuses followed by ones from friends back home saying “I’m getting married tomorrow!”

Such is my life. Leaving places where I am loved and loved for new shores while friends half a world away embark on commitments and adventures with partners. 

So true. This weekend was…hard. Really hard. I know that I will absolutely see the people who are important to me again, but saying goodbye is never fun.

And as to the second observation, this is clearly THE weekend to get engaged because I had at least five engagement announcements on Facebook tonight. It’s so weird to be in such a different place in your life than someone, when you used to be in the same place not too long ago. Life is crazy. 



The past few weeks I was definitely stuck in the “depression” phase of my leaving Korea process. I think this week I’ve finally gotten out of that funk. I’m still lethargic and exhausted all the time (lack of sleep plus anemia will do that to you). But I’m much happier.

Part of this has to do with having a great weekend with friends and good things happening this week as well (hint: I am now in possession of a CD signed for me by a Korean celebrity.)

Part of it has to do with the fact that everyone else I know is accepting and moving on as well.

And part of it is getting things more settled for next year. I now officially have a roommate and an apartment in DC for the fall. Class registration will start up soon. And my family has been planning all the places where they want to stop on the drive out to help me move in.

Things are good. I will miss Korea a lot. A lot a lot. But things are good.


Motivation? What’s that?

This past week, even more so than I had already been, I feel like I’m walking around in a fog. Lack of sleep, too much sleep, getting things done, taking a night to just be lazy…nothing seems to snap me out of it.

I know the causes - I’m leaving in exactly a month today (what) so it’s hard to keep my mind on the task at hand when there’s something new and exciting around the corner. Plus scrambling to get everything crammed into my little time left has left me physically and emotionally exhausted.

So I just trudge through my life dragging along like a slug. Luckily my students earned a movie class this week so I’ve mostly been watching the first half of School of Rock over and over. And trying to survive two more weeks with my club class (took two more phones away on Tuesday, and one boy had the gall to go up and take it back from my desk when I was helping another student so he could keep texting. He’s not getting his phone back for a while.)

Only a few weeks left, and I gotta snap out of it.


This is why I don’t take naps

Came home from school at 5:30 p.m. absolutely exhausted and totally out of it. I decided it couldn’t hurt to take a short nap before dinner. Woke up at 6 a.m.


If there is one thing I learned this weekend

It’s that I need to be fluent in Korean so I can tell off people who are failing at their jobs. Being completely unorganized and then blaming the resulting chaos on a group of middle/high school students is not cool. I know enough to understand what people are saying but not enough to express my rage.

I guess feeling inspired is a good thing, even if it’s fueled by frustration.


Weekend Blues

Probably my worst weekend in Korea. Four hours of sleep in 72 hours. A combination of last-minute changes, misinformation and disorganization on the part of the entertainment companies meant we (and a ton of other fans) got blocked out of a music show recording not once, but twice. 

Bright side is the Fulbright lit mag is done, even though we had to stay up until four a.m. to get it finished while everyone was together up in Seoul.

Five classes today.



When my mousepad disappeared, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I figured someone used them and forgot to put them back, and just asked for new ones from the supply closet.

When my extension cord disappeared I was just confused. I mean, who just takes an extension cord that someone’s computer is plugged into and has been plugged into for months now?

But this morning I come to work and my mousepad is gone. Really? Really?  Number one, who steals a mousepad? If you don’t have one by this point in the semester, what have you been doing? And if you just needed it temporarily for some reason, what is so hard about putting it back?

It’s hard not to take this personally, but no one else’s stuff goes missing like this. But my coworkers treat me with respect and I get along with them well…I obviously don’t think this is malicious but seriously you guys I need this stuff and you can’t just take it without asking me.