Second new school computer this year.

This is what happens when you replace my super old computer with a fairly old computer.

This one is quite nice though, so I should be able to stop bugging the IT guy.

What’s annoying is having to once again make the computer the way I like it - download Chrome since IE is useless, resigning in to all my accounts online, and somehow figuring out how to download Dropbox even though their website is blocked by the school’s firewall.


Ugh I ran into problems with this just the other day and after reading this article it makes so much more sense. I mean, still doesn’t make any sense but at least I know the background. The worst thing for me is not just that you have to use Internet Explorer, it’s that you have to use Internet Explorer 6. Which is so incredibly obsolete some websites that actually live in this decade don’t even support it anymore.

I got a new bankbook at the bank the other day, but because I had been putting off getting a new one for a while I was missing about three months of transactions.  Easy fix, right? Just go online and look at my account there!


Go online, spend ten minutes trying to figure out why nothing is loading, finally realize it’s because you have to use Internet Explorer. Then, since IE crashes every five minutes, try to open all the windows as quickly as possible so you can get somewhere before it fails. Repeat a few times. Finally get to the login page and some prompt pops up saying that I have to download something to my computer to access my account (the ActivX stuff mentioned in the article I’m guessing). Open that program, and it says I need a special PIN number, which I don’t have. Tried every PIN and password I’ve ever associated with that account, to no avail. Finally give up and ask my coteacher to call the bank’s helpline. They can’t give her information about my account since she’s not me, so transfer to the English help line. After explaining my predicament, the woman agrees to fax me my transaction records.

Fax. In 2012.

I will never, ever, ever understand how Korea can have the fastest Internet speeds in the world and yet have no concept of panic-attack-free online banking. Or how to use Chrome.


The mystery of why one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world favors Internet Explorer over other browsers is revealed!  I’m comforted to know there is a logical reason behind this, and that the entire country isn’t just passionately in love with the worst web browser in existence.  

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South Korea is the most-wired country in the world—and online games are the new drug of choice for its youth.