Saturday at the beach - took the train about an hour west to Daecheon Beach, famous for the giant Boryeong Mud Festival in the summer. Although the festival sounds potentially like fun (goofing around and getting plastered in skin-restorative mud) I have to admit that the idea of cramming onto a beach with hundreds of people does not sound appealing in the least. So I was pleasantly surprised when the beach was peaceful and not at all crowded.

Two friends and I basically spent the afternoon laying out in the sun (sunscreen was applied regularly, Dad), chatting and reading. And, of course, occasionally being distracted by adorable Korean toddlers’ reactions to the sand and water.

One thing I definitely noticed - unlike the gritty/rocky beaches I’m used to having grown up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, this beach seemed to be made mostly of crushed shells that would stick to anything and everything. You can see my blindingly pale leg covered in little shell bits. I seriously found some still stuck to the bottoms of my feet the next day.

Considering how close I am and that I have multiple friends who live even closer, I’ll have no excuse if I don’t manage to go back multiple more times this summer.